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Weight Loss Consultation

Are you someone that can’t seem to stick to healthy eating habits? Have you tried a number of diets that may work short term but never seem to last? Are you someone whose last few kilos just won’t budge?

I approach food consumption in a realistic, sustainable and overall beneficial way by establishing and focusing on your individual needs and ideal health outcomes. I understand that not one shoe size fits all and an individualised approach is pivotal in establishing a healthy foundation for your body to optimally function.

Weight Gain Consultation

Do you spend hours at the gym trying to grow muscle? Do you lose weight as soon as your stop sipping on your protein shakes? Do you feel disheartened when you keep trying to put muscle and it just doesn’t seem to be growing?

Book in with me to see why you might be unintentionally sabotaging your fitness outcomes!

Mental Health Consultation

Have you felt down lately? Are you feeling unmotivated? Are there things that you used to be excited to do that just don’t anymore?

Food is often associated with weight gain/loss but is overlooked on the negative impact it can have on your mood, motivation, productivity, concentration and even libido.

I don’t count calories, I don’t weigh food or focus on numbers on a scale and don’t expect you to either. I believe that food is one of the main joys in life and should be enjoyed guilt free without any shame attached. It is my belief that food can have a massive impact on your mental state and on anxiety levels and I will educate you on what foods you may need to start including and excluding from your diet.

Setting Outcomes Consultations

I focus on setting “outcomes” with you as using the process of “goal setting” allows too much room for shame, guilt and unnecessary pressure to be felt when goals are not reached.

I use structured systems to ensure the necessary steps are taken to work towards living your best life. You have everything you need to succeed - I am just here to assist you in this process, keep you accountable and cheer you on in your moments of self-doubt.

Health and Wellness Parties

Do you have a special occasion coming up? A birthday, hens night or baby shower?

I can attend your event with my “suitcase” full of yoga poses, breathing techniques, essential oil goodies, EFT tapping techniques, healing cards and confidence building exercises which all aid to calm, zen and leave you feeling blissfully serene.


I host health and wellness workshops throughout the year so keep an eye open for one coming soon!

Meet Sisu Rose

Jemma Mackean

Jemma Mackean

Nutritionist (BSc)

NLP Practitioner (in training, currently completing required hours for accreditation)

Previously; Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management).

My passions in life; travel, my loved ones, being in nature, seeking, exploring, learning, understanding, questioning, wellness and healthy living.


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