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RAISE Program

This is for you if: You have goals you want to achieve in your life and right now it feels like your body/mind is getting in the way of reaching them. I know you can start feeling the best you have in years, in a matter of months. With my RAISE (™) model we lay the foundation to living a healthy and happier life:


Past traumas, stuck emotion and stored toxins.


nutrients to thrive, water to hydrate and knowledge to succeed.


connection with self, confidence and empowering emotions.


physiological cohesiveness, creating safe relationships with self and others, establishing a flexible nervous system.


in becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, living your life's purpose and paying it forward.

Meet Sisu Rose

Jemma Mackean

Jemma Mackean

Nutritionist (BSc)

NLP Practitioner (in training, currently completing required hours for accreditation)

Previously; Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management).

My passions in life; travel, my loved ones, being in nature, seeking, exploring, learning, understanding, questioning, wellness and healthy living.


"Jem has been a fantastic role model for me in in her approach to her own wellness and the priorities she sets in her life. She has a holistic approach towards mental, physical and emotional health and has effective and realistic advice that can be implemented easily into our busy lives.

A talk with Jem always reminds me of what's important in life and what I can do to cope in moments of stress. She also encourages and focuses on a personalised approach to assist me in ways I can make my day functioning more positive and efficient. Very grateful to have her expertise"


"Jem has been helping me with my health and mindfulness for many years and brings a holistic, genuine and realistic approach which is very easy to align with and incorporate into your everyday life.

She looks at each situation individually and gets to the crux of understanding what her clients/friends need to better help them. Jem has really helped me understand the power of food and how important a healthy diet is – not just for the body, but for the mind too!"



we need Carbohydrates in our diets, if we don't, we are missing out on CRITICAL nutrients that our body needs to survive. Vegetables are carbohydrates, if you're saying no to them, you're saying no to life.

👋Hi, I’m Jemma.⠀

⠀I’m a qualified Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner.⠀⠀During my first degree I worked for a Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. I audio typed letter upon letter for the Doctor with the advice of patients having to lose weight if wanting Read more…

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