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Easy and quick ways to boost your immunity with wholesome nutrition!!⠀

Lemon and honey drink-⠀
⭐1 cup of warm water⠀
🍯1 teaspoon of raw, unprocessed honey (ask around for a local supplier, I get mine from a lady down the road!)⠀
🍋1/2 Lemon – the juice of (I juice my lemons in bulk, freezing them in ice trays and then using one block per drink!)⠀

Every morning have this on an empty stomach and allow 30 minutes before drinking/eating.⠀

Morning Smoothie recipe-⠀
🍶Base = 1-2 cups of water/natural milks/coconut water (missed saying this in the video – but 1 minute goes sooo quick!)⠀
🥬Veg/Greens = 1-2 cups eg spinach, cucumber, kale, celery⠀
🍏Fruits = Banana (frozen for smoothie consistency), Berries, apple, pear etc⠀
🥑Good fats = avo, coconut oil, hemp seeds, udos oil⠀
💪Plant protein = **the protein I use is on SALE until midnight tonight – let me know if you’re interested!!⠀

Blend all together in a blender!! 😍😍⠀

Can’t wait to hear how you guys get on with these – happy immunity boosting!! 🤪⠀


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