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I’m a qualified Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner.⠀

During my first degree I worked for a Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. I audio typed letter upon letter for the Doctor with the advice of patients having to lose weight if wanting to fall pregnant.⠀

Something clicked in my young 20yr old brain whilst writing these letters which made me think woah, excess weight can stop creation? ⠀

I knew that one day I wanted to have kiddies and so I made a pact of sorts to start addressing my own weight (which at the time had ballooned out – cue alcohol & processed foods).⠀

My way of trying to lose weight was disasterous. I would try every fad diet under the sun and do cardio workouts 7 days a week (and if I missed a day I would shame myelf so hard). I often say to people “I wish I knew me now, back then to help! 😅”⠀

So after a few years of this, I started to experience so many BAD side effects from under eating and over exercising. My body was in a state of distress, I was inflammed, not losing weight and all I was trying to be was be healthy ??? It made me feel helpless and a failure!⠀

⏩Fast forward to today nearly a decade later from when I was writing those Dr’s letters and I am the healthiest and notabley happiest I have been! ⠀

The point of this post is to reach out to all my fellow ladies that feel like they have tried everything to lose weight, that are feeling hopeless or totally lost, have no energy, are always bloated but don’t want to stop trying and know they are finally ready for real, long lasting change! 👏⠀

For the month of April I am offering complimentary health consultations online! DM me today to book in 💕⠀


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