2020 Food Detox

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Can you remember a time where you didn’t feel tired? When was the last time you didn’t feel stressed, overwhelm or completely lost? Does every day just seem too tiring, exhausting and you just can’t be bothered doing anything? How many goals have you made that you have never reached and in turn felt guiltier than before because you didn’t reach them? Do you feel guilty for wanting to rest? Do you feel like you are failing when you don’t meet your daily demands and expectations that others have of you?

I’m here to tell you that does NOT need to be how you live your life, this is NOT your norm, and not who you are. That is not what you were born on the earth to feel every day, you were born to excel and live a life of joy. We have become conditioned to believe that the more STRESSED we are correlated to how much SUCCESS we have and that just isn’t the case. 

How do I know this? How am I so certain of the new way of life you can have? Because I am you, I have felt the things that you have and I am here to show you can stop feeling like you’re not good enough, that you can’t achieve, that you don’t want to shine brighter than anyone because you don’t want to make others feel less than. I have felt the panic that makes you want to desperately escape or freeze in your tracks or the numbness that comes from not knowing how to deal with what is going on in your mind, not knowing what to do or not wanting to feel anything anymore because it all becomes too much, I have felt lost, lack, desperation and uncertainty. I have felt the frustration of trying all sorts of diets to lose weight with countless hours at the gym with my weight hardly budging. I have also felt the guilt at not being happy and grateful for all the truly wonderful things in life. I have been there, I have had these thoughts and I want you to know that you no longer have to be in that space. 

I have spent the last 5 years of my life exploring the ins and outs of health, I committed myself to find out how we can be the best versions of our selves. My quest became to analyse, question, understand and research how we live a long, healthy, high quality and content life in a sustainable and economically realistic way. I enrolled in University and became a qualified Nutritionist, theoretically exploring how nutrients work within the physiology of our anatomy (and I can say now without a second’s hesitation, NUTRITION is SO important to our overall health and wellbeing and is something that is drastically unacknowledged).  I worked as a Wellness Assistant in a Wellness Centre where I immersed myself in the world of Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Kinesiology and Massage Therapy. I sought assistance with Acupuncture from a fantastic female Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and immersed myself in the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming so much so that I am currently completing a course to become an NLP Certified Practitioner. I explored mainstream counselling with a Psychologist (who also doubles as a Yoga teacher, another practice that I am so very fond of). I have done countless hours of meditation and breathwork and I couldn’t count the number of tears I have cried since the beginning of this journey… I suppressed negative emotion for the first two decades of my life, it has to come out somehow! I am so grateful for all that I have experienced because I now have the opportunity to educate and help drive a positive impact on people’s day to day life.  

January 1st 2020 marks the beginning of not only a new month, a new year or even a new decade… it’s now the first the day of the rest of your life. We are embracing this time of new and letting go of the old… in fact, say it out loud, put your hands up in the air and say with me “I AM LETTING GO”… you feel lighter already don’t you?

This is your day, your year, your decade, YOUR LIFE. I KNOW you have everything within you to be successful, at peace, calm and content… and I am 100% confident that you will achieve that which you desire because you are so much more than you give yourself credit for! 

You’ve already taken the biggest, hardest, longest step… no, LEAP, that you can make in becoming a healthier version of your current state by contacting me and ACCEPTING that you not only want but you NEED change. As humans, we resist change, change is uncomfortable, it pushes our boundaries and it makes us want to crawl straight back into our safety net. I am here to tell you that I am your new safety net and you are going to push past the fear of change and excel so far beyond what you currently think you are capable of. 

Health needs to be approached from a holistic point of view, no one thing is going to allow for a miracle cure and there is no such thing as a magic pill, diet or exercise that will suddenly “fix” you. It’s when we address you as your own unique person and your lifestyle as a whole that we can identify areas that may need assistance. As you have come to me on this occasion with wanting to address feeling a little heavier after the recent festivities I have put together a weekly food plan that you can follow to help aid digestion, stop those sugar cravings, clear your mind and reduce any brain fog, and getting back some energy into your life. No one food plan will ever accommodate one person much like one shoe size will not fit all feet. This is merely a suggestion of the types of foods you can be eating to get back on track after the Christmas/new year period. 

The meals on this food diary are easy to make with minimal ingredients and considered for your nutritional needs. I have put together a foundation plan that has no “superfoods” or expensive supplements as I often found myself getting overwhelmed with the many products that can be added to meals when I began to explore nutrition. My philosophy is that if anything causes your unnecessary stress, it’s not right for you. There is much to be said for keeping things simple.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of and you’re ready to make the change you can contact me at jemma@sisurose.com.au or click the link below

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