👋Hi, I’m Jemma.⠀

I’m a qualified Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner.⠀

During my first degree I worked for a Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. I audio typed letter upon letter for the Doctor with the advice of patients having to lose weight if wanting to fall pregnant.⠀

Something clicked in my young 20yr old brain whilst writing these letters which made me think woah, excess weight can stop creation? ⠀

I knew that one day I wanted to have kiddies and so I made a pact of sorts to start addressing my own weight (which at the time had ballooned out – cue alcohol & processed foods).⠀

My way of trying to lose weight was disasterous. I would try every fad diet under the sun and do cardio workouts 7 days a week (and if I missed a day I would shame myelf so hard). I often say to people “I wish I knew me now, back then to help! 😅”⠀

So after a few years of this, I started to experience so many BAD side effects from under eating and over exercising. My body was in a state of distress, I was inflammed, not losing weight and all I was trying to be was be healthy ??? It made me feel helpless and a failure!⠀

⏩Fast forward to today nearly a decade later from when I was writing those Dr’s letters and I am the healthiest and notabley happiest I have been! ⠀

The point of this post is to reach out to all my fellow ladies that feel like they have tried everything to lose weight, that are feeling hopeless or totally lost, have no energy, are always bloated but don’t want to stop trying and know they are finally ready for real, long lasting change! 👏⠀

For the month of April I am offering complimentary health consultations online! DM me today to book in 💕⠀



We have pre-conditioned thoughts about what our life journey of health and success should look like.

You are an expert in your field at work, you know you’re good, you have a lot of loving people surrounding you and you know you deserve to live your life symptom free.
But all of those statements tend to fall away while we aren’t feeling well (no energy, can’t lose weight, no motivation) and it’s so easy to lose sight of how it once felt to feel great! So much so that the new norm becomes not feeling to good but pushing through.

The new norm becomes focused on making excuses for why we don’t feel too good anymore.
The thing is, when it comes down to, most of us will go at it alone, accepting these “realities” that we have instilled in ourselves.
“I’m no spring chicken anymore!”
“It’s called, old age”
“My body hates me”
“It’s genetic, I can’t do anything about it”
“I’m stuck with this for life”
“I’ve tried everything and nothing works”
Unfortunately, what happens to most is that they spend months or YEARS continuing to believe all those points, and realise that they’re no closer to the goals they have.

Health is simple, and needs to be treated as so.
Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, nor does it mean it’s a hobby or some part time gig that hopefully works out one day.
Simple is clear & defined strategies and goals that blows all those pre-conditioned thoughts out of the water.
As I developed my online health program, I was able to break down the principles of health into such a straight forward, easy to follow method.
And it blew my mind at the time that after all the years of seeking the answers to “Health”, all the research I sort through, that well, health really is pretty simple.
So, that became my mission, to make a health program that’s simple, achieves results but through education, fun and enjoyment.
Put away the big scientific words and complex explanations (which for my hard core clients I can still provide) but channel into the beautiful, healing world of my
RAISE ™ program:
✨𝐑elease – past traumas, stuck emotion and stored toxins.
✨𝐀bsorb – nutrients to thrive, water to hydrate and knowledge to succeed.
✨𝐈gnite – connection with self, confidence and empowering emotions.
✨𝐒ynergize – physiological cohesiveness, creating safe relationships with self and others, establishing a flexible nervous system.
✨𝐄xcel – in becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, living your life’s purpose and paying it forward.

None of these above require you to have it all figured out.. And certainly no;

🤯Restrictive dieting
🤯Calorie counting
🤯Weighing any food
🤯“Chicken, broccoli and brown rice” combos on the meal plan
🤯Expectations of exercising hours on end every day

I keep this health program super simple by putting content in front of you that will shift your beliefs, and then coach you through so that you have sustainable, long term health.

My advice today… you and your body can heal, you are not stuck.

We are here to impact on a two way street
✨Yourself and your health
✨Your loved ones and their lives … you can’t pour from an empty cup remember!

It’s time to do that now, and move out of those pre-conditioned thoughts and start impacting together.

Who’s with me?

**There’s a difference between losing weight and being healthy**

When you’re interested in losing weight, there is usually an event or an occasion that you have in mind or an outfit you would love to wear. When you are committed to being healthy….it’s for life (the great thing is that weight loss naturally happens when this becomes your focus!)

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” this quote speaks volumes on how we can implement small changes in our every day life to create an overall outcome of long term, sustainable health.

I see it time and time again, every one wants a quick fix and rapid weight loss, but is that a good enough of an outcome to reach for?

What if more energy was your motivator? Being about to get through the day without ache and pains? No more feelings of complete overwhelm? Isn’t that a more desirable state of being than being smaller for one off event and then putting it all back on when the motivator is no longer there?

It’s a fact of life. Dieting does not work. Eat less, Exercise more is an old school equation that is not the answer.

When I get off the phone or a message with a client, I know with 100% certainty that I could change their life and help them to improve their health but do you know what I hear a lot of the time:

• I need to lose weight like… yesterday but I just can’t afford it, it’s expensive to eat healthy.
• I’ve tried everything to lose weight… everything…but I’m broke right now so maybe next month
• I am so tired all of the time, I just don’t have the energy to be healthy

I used to feel like I had failed someone when this was their response. But each day I’m reminded there will ALWAYS be two sides of the coin, and although I do my best to change that narrative, fact is fact.

There are those who are going to wish that things were different and see minimal change.
Anddd then there are those who invest with me to make the stars align.
I have to tell you, when those stars align and our work begins together, it is such powerful a feeling because I know these people are legit about achieving real results.

The question is. Are you interested in a short term, quick fix? Or are you committed to leading a health life and achieving long term results?

Let me know in the comments below


At 8pm AWST/8am US EST Wednesday – I’m hosting a LIVE training online to show you how my clients are kicking the old way of doing “health” to the curb and using my RAISE ™ model to start securing a sustainable foundation to health within days of working with me.
And it’s not down to a diet plan, clean eating, or even exercise for that matter.
It’s what I call the “missing piece”.
The first part of my RAISE ™ model is all about “release”
My clients are going from FAD diets and extreme exercise, to discovering this missing link and making it work in their favour (you’re going to be surprised!)
Feeling & looking healthier than they could have ever imagined possible (yep, even after consistent diet and exercise)!
And it’s something you can implement, right away and get moving on your 2020 health goals while you can.
If you’re excited to find out what I find time and time to be the missing piece in many health (and weight loss) journeys
… type “RELEASE” in the chat below so I can make sure you either get a link to the LIVE training or at the very least a replay of it.
Really strong, incredible people reach out and tell me they have spent months (some even years) trying to put the pieces together so that they can start enjoying life again , feeling symptom free of health issues!
And it’s downright frustrating! I know because I have been there.
So, I’m going to ask you to be honest with yourself.
Are you ready to finally feel better, “normal”, or like you used to feel before?
If yes, I urge you to join in on the call and learn how you can start implementing small lifestyle changes that may just be your missing link.
I’m going to be breaking down;
👍What the missing link in many people’s health journeys are (and no it’s not food, exercise or even mindfulness!)
👍Why this is happening.
👍How we can reduce this from happening.
Type “release” in the chat below and I’ll make sure you get the link to both the LIVE and the REPLAY
Wednesday 8pm AWST
Wednesday 8am US EST
See you then!



Actually let’s scrap the words RIGHT and WRONG when it comes to FOOD because it’s not helpful, and it can seriously harm our relationship with food.

But I will say this – we need Carbohydrates in our diets, if we don’t, we are missing out on CRITICAL nutrients that our body needs to survive. Vegetables are carbohydrates, if you’re saying no to them, you’re saying no to life.

Let me break it down for you:

Nutrient Deficiency
(we need a full spectrum of nutrients for energy)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Cellular inefficiency 
(without full spectrum of nutrients our cell energy is diminshed)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Organ Inefficiency
(mal-digestion, malabsorption, decreased circulation, immune detoxification,vitality)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Detoxification Impaired
(cells fatigued, repair and rebuilding capacity reduced)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Further Organ Impairment
(systems innate intelligence impaired)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Inability to repair and rebuild 

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Organ/System Dysfunction
(subtle or dramatic indications)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

Sub clinical Symptoms
(primary issues, reported to practitioner)

↓ ↓ ↓ 

(Cellular/organ/symptom/organism breakdown)

Let’s STOP thinking CARBS are our enemy, and eat them guilt free with awareness that we need them to remain fit and healthy!

In health,

Oxidative stress can compromise our immune system!!⠀

But Jem, what is oxidative stress?!⠀

When our bodies have an imbalance of free radicals our cells and tissues can be harmed! Free radicals are things like smoke, pollution, chemicals, vegetable oils, sugar, physical inactivity and emotional stress 😬⠀

So Jem, what can we do?⠀

❤Move your body – atleast 30 mins a day!⠀

🧘‍♀️Deep breathe through out the day! (I have some amazing techniques that can help)⠀

🥬Listen to your mum, eat your greens!! (and your fruit and berries).⠀

🍎I also take and sell the most scientifically researched nutraceutical (nutrition supplement!) which means I know every da I’m giving my body enough micronutrients!

Like or comment on this post if you’d like to know more 😁

🌞 What is the sunshine vitamin?🌞⠀

If you answered Vitamin D, you’re correct ❤⠀

🌞Vitamin D boosts your immune system⠀
🌞Can reduce feelings of Depression⠀
🌞Promotes healthy bones⠀
Amongst many other great benefits!! ⠀

Ways to increase your Vitamin D levels =⠀
👍Increase your salmon and mushroom intake⠀
👍Get your stomach and back out in the sun for 10-15minutes at midday every day – having to work from home right now has it perks !⠀
👍Try a good quality supplement that will improve your Vitamin D levels – ask me for more info 😁⠀

We got out in the sun today with our bellies and backs exposed whilst planting a new herb plant in our garden 😁😍



Easy and quick ways to boost your immunity with wholesome nutrition!!⠀

Lemon and honey drink-⠀
⭐1 cup of warm water⠀
🍯1 teaspoon of raw, unprocessed honey (ask around for a local supplier, I get mine from a lady down the road!)⠀
🍋1/2 Lemon – the juice of (I juice my lemons in bulk, freezing them in ice trays and then using one block per drink!)⠀

Every morning have this on an empty stomach and allow 30 minutes before drinking/eating.⠀

Morning Smoothie recipe-⠀
🍶Base = 1-2 cups of water/natural milks/coconut water (missed saying this in the video – but 1 minute goes sooo quick!)⠀
🥬Veg/Greens = 1-2 cups eg spinach, cucumber, kale, celery⠀
🍏Fruits = Banana (frozen for smoothie consistency), Berries, apple, pear etc⠀
🥑Good fats = avo, coconut oil, hemp seeds, udos oil⠀
💪Plant protein = **the protein I use is on SALE until midnight tonight – let me know if you’re interested!!⠀

Blend all together in a blender!! 😍😍⠀

Can’t wait to hear how you guys get on with these – happy immunity boosting!! 🤪⠀


2020 Food Detox

Can you remember a time where you didn’t feel tired? When was the last time you didn’t feel stressed, overwhelm or completely lost? Does every day just seem too tiring, exhausting and you just can’t be bothered doing anything? How many goals have you made that you have never reached and in turn felt guiltier than before because you didn’t reach them? Do you feel guilty for wanting to rest? Do you feel like you are failing when you don’t meet your daily demands and expectations that others have of you?

I’m here to tell you that does NOT need to be how you live your life, this is NOT your norm, and not who you are. That is not what you were born on the earth to feel every day, you were born to excel and live a life of joy. We have become conditioned to believe that the more STRESSED we are correlated to how much SUCCESS we have and that just isn’t the case. 

How do I know this? How am I so certain of the new way of life you can have? Because I am you, I have felt the things that you have and I am here to show you can stop feeling like you’re not good enough, that you can’t achieve, that you don’t want to shine brighter than anyone because you don’t want to make others feel less than. I have felt the panic that makes you want to desperately escape or freeze in your tracks or the numbness that comes from not knowing how to deal with what is going on in your mind, not knowing what to do or not wanting to feel anything anymore because it all becomes too much, I have felt lost, lack, desperation and uncertainty. I have felt the frustration of trying all sorts of diets to lose weight with countless hours at the gym with my weight hardly budging. I have also felt the guilt at not being happy and grateful for all the truly wonderful things in life. I have been there, I have had these thoughts and I want you to know that you no longer have to be in that space. 

I have spent the last 5 years of my life exploring the ins and outs of health, I committed myself to find out how we can be the best versions of our selves. My quest became to analyse, question, understand and research how we live a long, healthy, high quality and content life in a sustainable and economically realistic way. I enrolled in University and became a qualified Nutritionist, theoretically exploring how nutrients work within the physiology of our anatomy (and I can say now without a second’s hesitation, NUTRITION is SO important to our overall health and wellbeing and is something that is drastically unacknowledged).  I worked as a Wellness Assistant in a Wellness Centre where I immersed myself in the world of Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Kinesiology and Massage Therapy. I sought assistance with Acupuncture from a fantastic female Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and immersed myself in the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming so much so that I am currently completing a course to become an NLP Certified Practitioner. I explored mainstream counselling with a Psychologist (who also doubles as a Yoga teacher, another practice that I am so very fond of). I have done countless hours of meditation and breathwork and I couldn’t count the number of tears I have cried since the beginning of this journey… I suppressed negative emotion for the first two decades of my life, it has to come out somehow! I am so grateful for all that I have experienced because I now have the opportunity to educate and help drive a positive impact on people’s day to day life.  

January 1st 2020 marks the beginning of not only a new month, a new year or even a new decade… it’s now the first the day of the rest of your life. We are embracing this time of new and letting go of the old… in fact, say it out loud, put your hands up in the air and say with me “I AM LETTING GO”… you feel lighter already don’t you?

This is your day, your year, your decade, YOUR LIFE. I KNOW you have everything within you to be successful, at peace, calm and content… and I am 100% confident that you will achieve that which you desire because you are so much more than you give yourself credit for! 

You’ve already taken the biggest, hardest, longest step… no, LEAP, that you can make in becoming a healthier version of your current state by contacting me and ACCEPTING that you not only want but you NEED change. As humans, we resist change, change is uncomfortable, it pushes our boundaries and it makes us want to crawl straight back into our safety net. I am here to tell you that I am your new safety net and you are going to push past the fear of change and excel so far beyond what you currently think you are capable of. 

Health needs to be approached from a holistic point of view, no one thing is going to allow for a miracle cure and there is no such thing as a magic pill, diet or exercise that will suddenly “fix” you. It’s when we address you as your own unique person and your lifestyle as a whole that we can identify areas that may need assistance. As you have come to me on this occasion with wanting to address feeling a little heavier after the recent festivities I have put together a weekly food plan that you can follow to help aid digestion, stop those sugar cravings, clear your mind and reduce any brain fog, and getting back some energy into your life. No one food plan will ever accommodate one person much like one shoe size will not fit all feet. This is merely a suggestion of the types of foods you can be eating to get back on track after the Christmas/new year period. 

The meals on this food diary are easy to make with minimal ingredients and considered for your nutritional needs. I have put together a foundation plan that has no “superfoods” or expensive supplements as I often found myself getting overwhelmed with the many products that can be added to meals when I began to explore nutrition. My philosophy is that if anything causes your unnecessary stress, it’s not right for you. There is much to be said for keeping things simple.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of and you’re ready to make the change you can contact me at or click the link below

Boost Your Mental Health with these Simple Tips

Today’s world is that of fast pace, technology overhaul, hustle and bustle where it has become the norm for our little friend stress to sit on our shoulders.

Stress weighs heavily, guiding us through the never-ending list of tasks to be completed before we crawl into bed at night.  Stress is so predominant in our daily lives that it has become an unwanted (yet tolerated) part of life. It wreaks havoc on our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and, most importantly, our health.

Mental Health Statistics

The latest figures provided by the Bureau of Statistics report that there are currently over 4 million Australians living with a mental or behavioural condition, with 2.6 million people having an anxiety-related condition and 2.1 million with mood affective disorders such as depression (1).  Even with staggering statistics such as these, there still remains a stigma attached to the somewhat taboo topic of mental health.  Fortunately, depression and anxiety can be managed and even reduced through simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

We’ve all been there – it’s a Friday night with as much food in the fridge as the energy you have to cook.  You look down at your phone and the Uber eats app beckons you to use it, you’ve already cooked your “go-to” meals of spaghetti, lasagne, chicken pie and Indian curry during the week and you’re all out of ideas.  After your Uber eats a meal of burgers and chips you sit rubbing your stomach and think to yourself, “Wow I feel so full and bleurgh after eating that”. The next morning you awake feeling slightly bloated or sluggish, you feel irritable at tiny things, have brain fog and can’t quite remember if it was a 9:30 or 10 am appointment in the morning.  This is because your gut microbiota (otherwise known as gut flora) has been compromised from not only the Uber eats indulgence from the night before but the lead up of high carbohydrate, high saturated fat dinners you have cooked during the week (3). 

A diet high in saturated fats and refined sugars (like that of the Friday night takeaway meal) can contribute to behavioural conditions leading to conditions such as anxiety and depression (2).  It is imperative to have a healthy gut with balanced bacteria to aid with digestion, to assist with the production of Vitamin B & K (vitamin Bs have been linked to helping with symptoms of depression) and for optimal brain function (7).  Although a relatively new concept, there are many studies being conducted with increasing evidence suggesting that behaviour and mood can be affected in many ways by unbalanced gut microbiota, thus supporting the idea of the Food and Mood connection (5).

Nourishing Foods Help Improve Your Mental State

Food to a human is like petrol to a car.  We need to fill our bodies with good quality, nutritious food to keep running effectively and as efficiently as possible.  Food is something that can be modified to positively improve brain health across a lifespan (4). For those with anxiety and depression, it is even more important to eat foods that will help optimise and aid their brain function.  Have you ever noticed how much a walnut actually looks like a brain? Walnuts are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids that protect the brain and antioxidants that help combat inflammation (6). Other simple food suggestions for increasing your essential fatty acid intake include adding chia, hemp seeds and/or flaxseeds in your morning smoothie. 

When we start to use ingredients we know are nourishing for our bodies and minds, we become more aware of how eating this way makes us feel energetic and motivated compared to that “bleurgh” feeling we feel after a big meal of pasta or burgers.  

Practice MindfulnessMindfulness, a commonly used term in the world of wellness, can have a positive impact in your life, not only when preparing food, but practising it daily for any task or situation. Originally used in Buddhism and yoga, mindfulness is now being considered as a treatment for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is the practice of using nonjudgmental awareness in the present moment to encourage openness and acceptance.

A quick guide to practising Mindfulness:

  • Allow yourself to be in the now
  • Bring attention to your breath, especially belly breathing!
  • Become aware of any thoughts wandering in and out of your mind
  • Be appreciative for all that you have
  • Pay close attention to all the “wins” you have during the day.

You could always try writing in a journal every night before you go to bed, watch the positiveness seep into your life by writing three things you’re grateful for OR three positive things that happened that day – it works wonders just taking the time to be grateful!

Attending a Workshop

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is such an important part of any lifestyle change.  It’s so much easier to keep going, knowing there are others around you that understand where you are at and will support you through it.

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