Oxidative stress can compromise our immune system!!⠀

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But Jem, what is oxidative stress?!⠀

When our bodies have an imbalance of free radicals our cells and tissues can be harmed! Free radicals are things like smoke, pollution, chemicals, vegetable oils, sugar, physical inactivity and emotional stress 😬⠀

So Jem, what can we do?⠀

❤Move your body – atleast 30 mins a day!⠀

🧘‍♀️Deep breathe through out the day! (I have some amazing techniques that can help)⠀

🥬Listen to your mum, eat your greens!! (and your fruit and berries).⠀

🍎I also take and sell the most scientifically researched nutraceutical (nutrition supplement!) which means I know every da I’m giving my body enough micronutrients!

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