🌞 What is the sunshine vitamin?🌞⠀

If you answered Vitamin D, you’re correct ❤⠀

🌞Vitamin D boosts your immune system⠀
🌞Can reduce feelings of Depression⠀
🌞Promotes healthy bones⠀
Amongst many other great benefits!! ⠀

Ways to increase your Vitamin D levels =⠀
👍Increase your salmon and mushroom intake⠀
👍Get your stomach and back out in the sun for 10-15minutes at midday every day – having to work from home right now has it perks !⠀
👍Try a good quality supplement that will improve your Vitamin D levels – ask me for more info 😁⠀

We got out in the sun today with our bellies and backs exposed whilst planting a new herb plant in our garden 😁😍